In 1933, Dawson Trotman, a young lumberyard worker in California, realized the importance of discipleship in his own life. He began working among U.S. sailors in California, sharing with them what it looks like to live a Christian life.

Trotman met sailor Les Spencer and they spent many hours together praying, studying the Bible and memorizing passages. One of Spencer’s shipmates noticed the changes in his life and he asked him what happened. Spencer brought the man to Trotman and said, ‘Teach him what you taught me.”

“You teach him!” Trotman responded, emphasizing the responsibility of every Christian to share their faith.

Spencer did and the movement grew until 125 men on his ship, the U.S.S. West Virginia, were growing in their relationships with Christ and actively telling others about Jesus.

By the end of WWII thousands of men on ships and bases around the world were making followers of Jesus Christ through one-on-one teaching.

The movement Trotman began grew so that nearly 80 years later The Navigators are sharing their faith in 100 countries around the world. The Navs Military is a branch of The Navigators that serves military personnel and their families on bases across the US and the world.