Darren serves as director of The Navs Military, overseeing more than 397 staff who serve on 112 military installations around the world. Leading the men and women who are making Christ known among  U.S. Military personnel around the world.

Darren and his wife, Gina, have been on staff with The Navigators since 1988.  They have enjoyed helping others spiritually grow for over 20 years. As The Navs Military Air Force branch director, Darren has a passionate desire to see the next generation of leaders reached with the Gospel in the context of the Air Force.

Felix and his wife, Amor, live in Colorado Springs where he is the Air Force branch director, guiding and overseeing a great team of men and women who serve among the United States Air Force. Felix served 20 years in the Air Force. Felix and Amor have lived as missionaries to the military for the past 11 years, serving first in Hickam AFB, Hawaii, then Fort Carson, Army Post in Colorado Springs, then at the United States Air Force Academy Preparatory School, and currently in Colorado Springs, Colorado..

Wesley Drake will serve as our interim Marine Corps Director for the next 18-24 months.  In addition to bringing leadership to the Marine Corps Branch, Wesley will continue to serve as our mission’s Director of Critical Initiatives. Wes has a deep love and burden for our whole Military work and will bring this devotion as he serves to grow and mature our Marine Corps ministry. .

Wes currently serves as the director of Critical Initiatives, bringing leadership to our efforts among minorities, women, ROTC students, and connecting our friends as they leave the military community. Wes and his wife, Johnena, joined The Navs Military in 1990 after Wes spent seven years on active duty as a Navy pilot and several years working for Ford Aerospace. Wes continued in the Navy Reserve until retirement as a Commander in 2001. They have served with The Navs Military in Texas, Germany, Austria, and Washington state before moving to their current location in Colorado Springs, CO. They have three adult children scattered around the United States.
Wes and Johnena are passionate about mentoring people in studying the Scriptures, experiencing personal spiritual transformation, and living out the life of Jesus Christ within their network of friends and co-workers, believing that Jesus wants to use each person to connect others to God.

Doug is a gifted and strong leader and has a clear passion for the Gospel, our Navigator Calling and genuine love for the Army work. He is committed to serving our Army staff, leading them to see generations of leaders and laborers raised up to fulfill our Navigator calling. Doug has served as Navigator staff for the last 7 years, after laboring with The Navigators for many years in his active-duty Army career.

Jim and his wife, Cindy, live in Virginia Beach where he is the Navy branch director, guiding and overseeing a great team of men and women who serve among the United States Navy. Jim served 28 combined years in the Navy and Navy's Reserve Force. Jim and Cindy have lived as missionaries to the military for the past 29 years, serving first in Norfolk, then at the United States Naval Academy, and currently in Tidewater, Virginia.
Jim started following Christ during his freshman year of college at the Naval Academy. The impact of life on life discipleship, coupled with the fellowship oflike-hearted men and women, was profound. The passion of Jim's life is to walk with Jesus while helping raise up men and women who will labor for Him amongst their shipmates in the Navy, as well as in every context, for the rest of their lives.